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Caminhos Cruzados Wines: The New Dão

Caminhos Cruzados Wines: The New Dão

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Discover the essence of Dão with this selection that reflects the new era of wines in the region, known for excellence and innovation. Crafted by renowned winemakers Manuel Vieira and Carlos Magalhães, each wine is a tribute to the rich traditions and promising future of Dão, offering a profound sensorial experience that encapsulates the essence of one of Portugal's most renowned wine regions.

This package of five extraordinary wines serves as an invitation for enthusiasts who want to discover the new generation of Dão wines :

Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Encruzado 2020

Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Red 2018

Caminhos Cruzados Clandestino Red 2020

Caminhos Cruzados Teixuga Red 2018

Caminhos Cruzados Teixuga White 2019

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