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Soalheiro Nature "Pur Terroir" 2022

Soalheiro Nature "Pur Terroir" 2022

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  • Country: Portugal
  • Region: Green wine
  • Producer: António Luis Cerdeiro
  • Type: White
  • Grapes: Alvarinho
  • Oenologist: António Luis Cerdeiro

Soalheiro Nature is our first Alvarinho produced without added sulfites. The grapes, obtained in organic production, reflect the purest expression of the variety and challenge the limits of its winemaking, with the aim of creating the most intense and most honest expression of this wine. This genuinely reflects the “Pur Terroir” of Monção and Melgaço – the northernmost point of Portugal and also the place of origin of Alvarinho. Maintaining the aromatic profile of Alvarinho without adding sulfites has been one of our most challenging innovations. After three years of experimentation, this was refined and is, also for this reason, our choice to be the base wine for Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Nature. Nature can be served in two ways. One is: decant the wine and separate it from the fine lees and then serve the wine in a glass; the other is: gently shake the bottle, homogenizing the fine lees into the wine and then serving it in a glass. Any of these ways of serving Nature will provide a unique experience of tasting our Alvarinho in its purest expression.

Soalheiro Nature is a wine that gives you greater pleasure when combined with food. Its round body and unique flavor make it the perfect wine to pair with hot dishes. We recommend dishes with fatty fish, lamb, duck, roast chicken and also dishes that include cream or mushroom sauce, such as a delicious risotto. Pairs perfectly with aged cheese.

ABV: 12%

Bottle: 750 mL

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