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Glenfiddich IPA Experiment

Glenfiddich IPA Experiment

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Producer: Glenfiddich

International Spirits Challenge Gold 2022

William Grant fulfills a lifelong ambition and begins building his own distillery with the help of his nine children and a single bricklayer. He calls it Glenfiddich, Gaelic for Vale do Venado. After a year of forced labor, the first drop of distillate fell from the copper stills on Christmas Day 1887. It was then in 1887 that Glendfiddich began producing its own whiskey and created, to this day, a history of constant innovation and success in the world of whiskeys.

Probably a fascinating whiskey for whiskey and beer enthusiasts, the first single malt Scotch whiskey to be distilled in artisanal IPA casks.

Alcoholic Degree: 43%

Bottle: 700 mL

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