Vinho da Semana: Astrales 2019

Wine of the Week: Astrales 2019

Paulo Castro

It is with great pleasure that we highlight the Wine of the Week at Vinogrande, a true oenological jewel that captivated our senses and earned its prominent place in our portfolio. This week, we enthusiastically present the remarkable Astrales 2019, a sublime expression of terroir and oenological art.

Vineyards and Terroir

The vineyards that give rise to this magnificent wine are located in a truly unique terroir. Bodega Astrales, located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region, has a landscape where the altimetry and nature of the soil converge to create ideal conditions for the cultivation of exceptional grapes. This sacred ground gives Astrales 2019 a unique personality, an authentic expression of the microclimate and the land that embraces it.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The mastery of the winemaker at Bodega Astrales is evident in every sip of Astrales 2019. With winemaking that respects tradition and incorporates innovative techniques, the result is a symphony of flavors that dance delicately on the palate. Each stage, from harvesting to aging in French oak barrels, is conducted with precision and passion, revealing the true essence of this enchanting wine.

Test results

When tasting Astrales 2019, we are transported to a universe of complex aromas and deep flavors. Notes of ripe black fruits, such as blackberry and cherry, harmoniously intertwine with subtle 'nuances' of vanilla and spices. The tannic structure is elegant, giving the wine a captivating persistence that lingers in our taste memories.

Reviews and Awards

This wine treasure has not gone unnoticed by the most demanding critics. Astrales 2019 garnered well-deserved praise and won prestigious awards. The international community recognizes its exceptional quality, solidifying its place among the world's great wines.


In conclusion, Astrales 2019 embodies excellence and dedication to the art of wine. This is more than just a wine; it is an experience, a narrative told by each drop that touches our lips. By sharing this treasure among Vinogrande enthusiasts, we create a community united by an appreciation of the sublime.

Astrales 2019
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