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Balvenie 16 Years Triple Cask

Balvenie 16 Years Triple Cask

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Balvenie's new special edition is distilled, as the name suggests, in three different types of wood: first, the traditional barrel is used to mature and soften the whiskey but without dominating its flavor; then the barrel previously used for aging Bourbon whiskey is used, which adds flavors of vanilla and coconut; and finally the third barrel previously used for aging Jerez wine, which imparts dried fruit flavors to the whiskey. After maturing in these three different barrels, the whiskey is combined in a large cask, called a “wedding cask” for around six months so that the whiskeys “get to know” each other, resulting in an elegant expression with a unique personality. .

Alcoholic Degree: 43%

Bottle: 700 mL

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