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Excellent Whites from Four Regions

Excellent Whites from Four Regions

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Discover the richness and diversity of Portuguese white wines with our 'Excellent Whites from Four Regions' pack. A careful selection of four white wines, which will take you on a sensorial journey through four distinct regions of Portugal, each offering a unique touch that reflects tradition and terroir. From the warm Alentejo, through the historic Douro region, to the green slopes of Dão and the freshness of Minho. Ideal for wine lovers who want to explore the complexity and distinct flavors of each region, this set promises to take your oenological experience to a new level.

The wines presented in this pack are:

Susana Esteban Vinyle 2021

Cottas Garrafeira 2020

Caminhos Cruzados Vinhas da Teixuga 2019

Anselmo Mendes Alvarinho Expressions 2019
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