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Óbidos Oppidum Cherry Liqueur

Óbidos Oppidum Cherry Liqueur

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Producer: Ginja de Óbidos

Challenge, inspiration and passion were Dário Pimpão's greatest motivators in producing a natural Ginja without dyes or additives, made from high quality ingredients. The great secret of Oppidum lies in the fact that it uses only the best fruits to obtain a pure, aromatic liqueur with a balanced alcoholic gradation, which when tasted offers a smooth and full-bodied flavor. It all starts with the selection of fruits harvested from the Morello trees (cherry cherries) in orchards (ginjais) of producers who, for decades, have been suppliers of the Morello cherry (Cherry cherries). It has been proven that the fewer the Morello trees are cultivated, the more astringent is the fruit and better the final product. Each stalk is carefully removed and, once in our facilities, the fruit goes into an alcoholic hydro-infusion where it remains for a few months until it reaches the desired stage, in what is a long process that requires a lot of patience and knowledge, evolving with the passage of time. time. By its very nature, aging is long-term and any attempt to speed up the process can be disastrous for the end result.

Cherry aroma with intense wild cherry. Creamy in the mouth, long lasting, intense cherry. Unique and unmistakable flavored liqueur.

Alcoholic Degree: 19%

Bottle: 500 mL

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