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LouCa White 2019

LouCa White 2019

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  • Country: Portugal
  • Region: Alentejo
  • Producer: Adega do Monte Branco
  • Type: White
  • Castes: Arinto
  • Winemaker: Luís Louro and Inês Capão

In 2015, Luís Louro and Inês Capão decided to challenge each other: after more than ten years of working together, sharing ideas and experiences and, above all, sharing a very clear vision of what they believe Alentejo to be, this Each person should create a wine completely independently.

From this challenge, LouCa was born, two wines from two people who had as their starting point the belief in the potential of authentic Alentejo.

It is proof that it is possible to have different approaches to such a diverse region that is Alentejo.

It reveals enormous aromatic depth, with the grape variety evident in the citrus and orange blossom notes. It appears unctuous, with immense richness, much presence and complexity.
With great solidity and balance, it appears refined and with character.

Alcoholic Degree: 12.5%

Bottle: 750 mL

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