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Wine Panorama: A Selection Without Borders

Wine Panorama: A Selection Without Borders

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Discover the essence of three of Europe's most revered wine regions with our "Wine Panorama: A Selection Without Borders" pack. This isn't just a set of wines; is a sensory journey that challenges boundaries and celebrates diversity. We have brought together six exceptionally remarkable reds for you, each telling its own story through grapes meticulously cultivated and expertly transformed into wines that capture the essence of their terroir.

From the intensity and depth of the Mauro VS 2020 from Spain, to the Vega Sicilia Alion 2017 , an icon of refinement and modernity, to the Viña Sastre Pago de Santa Cruz 2020 , which reveals the pure essence of its origin. From Italy, Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Vigna Paganelli 2016 offers sublime complexity, while Portugal contributes Pintas 2021 , an authentic expression of Portuguese winemaking passion and tradition.

Each bottle in this pack is an ambassador for its country, offering a window into the soul of its vineyards. "Wine Panorama: A Selection Without Borders" is an ode to the art of wine, an invitation to explore without leaving home the richness and variety that the world of wine has to offer. Join us on this journey without borders and limits, where every sip is a discovery.

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