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Puddles Superb Vermouth

Puddles Superb Vermouth

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Made with white Port wine, Soberbo presents great freshness and exuberance, harmoniously integrating the sweetness of Port wine and the bitterness of the aromatic herbs of the Douro.

Inspired by ancient essences and records, the new Poças Vermouth Soberbo uses infusions of botanicals harvested on the company's farms in the Douro, giving shape to an expression of the terroir, original and contemporary. To maintain the celebratory spirit and identity of the Poças brand, an old model of Port wine bottle, called Pota, was used to bottle the new vermouth, as well as the spelling that refers to some old labels of the brand, which uses o Superb Vermouth expression.

Alcoholic Degree: 18.5%

Bottle: 750 mL

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