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Run Diplomatico Mantuano 700mL

Run Diplomatico Mantuano 700mL

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Producer: DUSA
Bottled by: International Bottling Services SA, Panama
Alcohol Level: 40%
Bottle: 750 ml


Mantuano is a substitute for Rum Diplomático Reserva. A rich and rounded Venezuelan rum, delicious, with smooth fruit leaves a silky sensation in the mouth.

What is the correct way to drink and evaluate rum?
What we should look for first is the color, the aroma and then the flavor. We want a golden, translucent spirit and we can see it better by shaking the glass a little, but not vigorously, like wine. We must bring the glass to our nose, but not inhaling deeply, as we want to identify the aromas. The last step is to prove it. First we take a small sip so the palate gets used to the flavor and then we detect basic sensations such as sweet, salty, bitter. After the second sip, you should leave it in your mouth for a while. This is where we will discover new flavors and aromas.

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