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Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka

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Producer: Polmos

Producer: Polmos
Alcohol Level: 40%
Bottle: 700ml


Belvedere is a luxury vodka. Since the 15th century, the world's finest vodkas have been produced by experienced distillers in Poland. Belvedere, which means beautiful to look at, is the name of Poland's Presidential Palace. An appropriate title for what is perhaps the smoothest vodka in the world. Belvedere, the first luxury vodka, is made according to a tradition dating back more than 500 years and with a single type of grain, Dankowskie golden rye, which only grows in the Mazovia region, in Poland. Belvedere Pure, produced in small batches, goes through five distillation processes, an ideal number to obtain a unique character, a delicious vanilla flavor and a creamy palate.

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