Degustação Dominical: Vinhos Portugueses Que Deve Experimentar

Dominical Tasting: Portuguese Wines You Should Try

Paulo Castro

Welcome to a unique sensory experience. On this journey, we will explore an exclusive selection of Portuguese wines that will undoubtedly conquer even the most demanding palates.

Susana Esteban Vinyle 2021: An Ode to Tradition and Innovation

We started our tasting with Susana Esteban Vinyle 2021. This nectar is a tribute to tradition, made from grapes from a century-old vineyard in Serra de São Mamede. The influence of the barrels used by renowned Champagne producer Emmanuel Lassaigne adds a unique complexity. Upon tasting, the subtle nose reveals the harmonious fusion of Serra aromas with the essence of Champagne base wines. A unique experience, punctuated by an acidic freshness that runs through each sip, leaving a trail of precision and elegance. Tasting Score: 4.5/5.

Poeira 2019: A Symphony of Flavors

We continue with Poeira 2020, a masterpiece that combines old vines, several mixed grape varieties and the noble Touriga Nacional. Elegance and fruity subtlety dance in perfect harmony with earthy notes, heather and blueberries. The polished tannins and acidic freshness provide a memorable experience. A symphony of flavors that receives a score of 4.7/5.

Kopke São Luiz Vinhas Velhas Grande Reserva 2018: Vineyards that Tell Stories

Next, the Kopke São Luiz Vinhas Velhas Grande Reserva 2018. Born in the centuries-old vineyards of Quinta de São Luiz in the Douro, this wine is a tribute to the tradition and wisdom passed down through generations. With a vibrant ruby ​​color, it reveals an enveloping aroma of red and black fruits. Its complexity and satiny tannins expand in freshness, layer after layer, offering a velvety structure. A unique sensory experience, scored 4.6/5.

Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva 2020: Red Cão in the Spotlight

Next, we dive into the Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva 2020. With a deep purple color, this wine reveals a floral aroma of violet, intertwined with red and black fruits. Its aging in French Oak gives notes of smoke, cocoa and dried fruits. In the mouth, it is full and voluminous, with persistent tannins, ending with elegance and longevity. A jewel with an exceptional structure, ready to be enjoyed or aged. Score: 4.7/5.

Carrocel Red 2019: A Promise of Youth

We ended our tasting with Carrocel Red 2019, a promise of youth. The nose exudes aromatic red and black fruits, while the palate reveals structure and bright acidity. A wine with real potential, waiting to be discovered. Score: 4.6/5.

Explore and Delight

In each bottle, discover Portugal's winemaking legacy. I invite you to explore our selection at Vinogrande, indulging in the unique experience of tasting these treasures. Be part of this journey and allow your taste buds to transport you to the sunny vineyards of Portugal.

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Grande prova Paulo!


Adorei esse post, Paulo! 😍🍷 Esses vinhos parecem mesmo incríveis! O Susana Esteban Vinyle realmente chamou a minha atenção. A fusão dos aromas da Serra com a essência do Champagne deve ser algo divino! Já estou ansiosa para experimentar e dar meu veredicto!


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