Vinho da Semana: Teixuga Tinto 2017

Wine of the Week: Teixuga Red 2017

Welcome, wine lovers, to an exceptional oenological journey! This week, Vinogrande is pleased to highlight the magnificent Teixuga Red 2017, a true masterpiece from Quinta da Teixuga, located in the enchanting Dão vineyards.

Discover the secrets behind this extraordinary wine, meticulously produced by the talented winemaking team led by Manuel Vieira, Carloto Magalhães, and Carla Rodrigues. Teixuga Red 2017 transcends the wine category; It is a sensorial experience that brings the elegance of Burgundy to Portugal.

Vineyards and Terroir

Quinta da Teixuga's old vines tell a living story, bearing witness to decades of climate change, seasons and meticulous care. Each vine, rooted in the granite soil, is a direct link with the past, carrying with it the essence and tradition of Dão. Up to seven decades old, these vines are a legacy of viticultural wisdom. The advanced age of the vines not only adds complexity to the bunches, but also represents a deep connection with the land, resulting in grapes that reflect the true soul of the terroir. The granite soil of the Dão region is the cradle that nourishes the roots of the Quinta da Teixuga vineyards. This unique soil not only gives the wine distinct characteristics, but also plays a fundamental role in the unique expression of Teixuga Red 2017.

Test results

When contemplating Teixuga Red 2017, we are greeted by a deep red hue. This intense color is the visual prelude to the richness of aromas and flavors that await. On the nose, we discover a symphony of complex aromas. Notes of ripe fruits, subtle spices and earthy nuances intertwine harmoniously, providing a refined and engaging olfactory experience. On the palate, Teixuga Red 2017 reveals an explosion of flavors that challenges the very essence of the wine. The lively attack is like a dance of fruity notes that evolve in layers, exploring every corner of the palate with unique expressiveness.

The climax of this sensory experience is the culmination in remarkable elegance. The fine and silky tannins provide a refined texture, elevating Teixuga Red 2017 to the category of an oenological masterpiece.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The winemaking team, led by Manuel Vieira, Carloto Magalhães, and Carla Rodrigues, is not just guardians of the process; they are passionate artisans who infuse soul and experience into each bottle. Their names are synonymous with quality and innovation, leaving a legacy that endures in every sip of Teixuga Red 2017. Each stage of this meticulous process is a choreographed dance, aiming to create a wine that transcends expectations.

The story of Teixuga begins with manual harvesting, a careful gesture that preserves the integrity of the grapes. In the skilled hands of the team, each bunch is harvested at the exact point of maturation, ensuring the maximum expression of the Quinta da Teixuga terroir.

French oak barrels are the stage where Teixuga improves its complexity and sophistication. Under the attentive supervision of the winemakers, the wine rests, absorbing 'nuances' and subtle aromas of the oak. This stage gives Teixuga Red 2017 a silky texture and refined wood notes.

Reviews and Awards

It is no coincidence that Teixuga Red 2017 stands out among the best Portuguese wines. Revista de Vinhos recognized this wine as one of the 30 best of 2022, highlighting its elegance and boldness.


Teixuga Red 2017 is more than a wine; It is a sensorial experience that transports the elegance of Burgundy to Portugal. Its vibrant characteristics and elegant tannins make it ideal for game dishes, roast goat or lamb.

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Olá Paulo Castro e comunidade de apreciadores de vinho! Que maravilhoso é poder mergulhar nas histórias das vinhas velhas da Quinta da Teixuga e explorar o Teixuga 2017! A descrição é tão envolvente que quase posso sentir a explosão de sabores no meu paladar. Confesso que fiquei intrigada com a história das vinhas de até sete décadas de idade – é como se cada gole fosse um pedaço do passado encapsulado!

Ana Oliveira

Uau vinogrande! Que apresentação do Teixuga! É um vino execional sim senhor!

José Martins

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