Duelo Ibérico: Vinhos Portugueses vs. Vinhos Espanhóis

Iberian Duel: Portuguese Wines vs. Spanish Wines

Welcome to the Vinogrande Blog wine ring, where today we witness an epic duel between wines from Portugal and Spain. In a clash between middleweights, heavyweights and super-heavyweights, let's explore the wine richness of these two Iberian countries. The ring is ready, the glasses are served – let the duel begin!

Medium Weight Reds:
Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Red 2020 (Portugal) vs. Mauro 2020 (Spain)

Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Red 2020

  • Scores: 95 Wine Spectator points
  • Profile: Fresh and enveloping aromas with delicate floral notes, lush depth
  • Price: €32.45

Mauro 2020

  • Scores: 94 points Robert Parker, 93 points José Peñín
  • Profile: Harmonious balance and captivating expression of Valle del Duero
  • Price: €37.95

Combat Notes: An intense clash between the diversity of the Douro and the balanced expression of the Valle del Duero. Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Tinto 2020 stands out for its imperial structure, while Mauro 2020 impresses with its elegance. However, the victory goes to Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Tinto 2020 by unanimous decision, thanks to its slightly higher score and more affordable price.

Heavyweight Reds:
MOB Gauvé 2016 (Portugal) vs. Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019 (Spain)

MOB Gauvé 2016

  • Scores: 19 points Grandes Escolhas
  • Profile: Refined elegance, vibrant freshness, pulsating tannins
  • Price: €52.95

Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenarias 2019

  • Scores: 98 points Robert Parker
  • Profile: Intriguing depth, striking persistence, intense perfume
  • Price: €43.85

Combat Notes: A battle of titans between the elegance of MOB Gauvé and the excellence of Castro Ventosa. Both exhibit complexity and structure, but the win goes to Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenarias 2019 for its impressive score and more affordable price.

Super-Heavyweight Reds:
Quinta da Manoella Old Vines Red 2020 (Portugal) vs. Vega Sicilia Alion 2017 (Spain)

Quinta da Manoella Old Vines Red 2020

  • Scores: 94 Robert Parker points, 92 Wine Spectator points
  • Profile: Precise tannins, imposing structure
  • Price: €95.75

Vega Sicilia Alion 2017

  • Scores: 95 points James Suckling, 94 points Robert Parker
  • Profile: Refined elegance, seductive smoothness, layers of complex fruit
  • Price: €86.90

Combat Notes: An epic duel between two giants. The Quinta da Manoella Old Vines Red 2020 shows its strength with precise tannins, but the Vega Sicilia Alion 2017 takes the win for its elegance, smoothness and unique complexity. It's a split decision win for the 2017 Vega Sicilia Alion.

White Heavyweights:
Anselmo Mendes Single Installment 2020 (Portugal) vs. Attis Nana 2021 (Spain)

Anselmo Mendes Single Installment 2019

  • Scores: 94 points Robert Parker, 19 points Big Choices
  • Profile: Refined elegance, engaging complexity, refreshing acidity
  • Price: €37.95

Attis Nana 2021

  • Scores: 91 points José Peñín
  • Profile: Vibrant freshness, seductive density, elegant notes of aging
  • Price: €35.40

Fight Notes: In the Whites' ring, Anselmo Mendes Parcela Única 2020 and Attis Nana 2021 offer an intense battle. With sublime elegance, Anselmo Mendes Parcela Única 2020 wins by unanimous decision.

Final Result: Draw

In a tense and exciting duel, Portugal and Spain emerge tied! Each wine demonstrated its unique quality, and in the tasting ring, there are no losers. This Iberian wine duel makes it clear that both countries have a lot to offer wine lovers. The real winner? Those who are lucky enough to taste these oenological masterpieces. Until the next battle, wine lovers!

Attis Nana 2021
Mauro 2020
MOB Gauvé 2016
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Um duelo entre vinhos incriveis, adorei a batalha dos tintos, especialmente a dos pesos pesados. Acho que os vinhos portugueses mereceram a vitoria


O Parcela Única é imbatível, que elegância! Adorei a análise e já quero provar essas maravilhas todas. Vinho é vida!

Luís Oliveira

Que duelo emocionante! 😂👏 Concordo com a escolha do Quinta de La Rosa, é um vinho realmente surpreendente!

Carlos Silva

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