Vinho da Semana: Les Terrasses 2021

Wine of the Week: Les Terrasses 2021

Paulo Castro

In this edition of Wine of the Week, we are pleased to highlight a wine that not only delights connoisseurs but also represents a milestone in Priorat viticulture: Les Terrasses 2021. The choice of this wine as our "Wine of the Week" is motivated by its exceptional quality, which reflects the dedication and passion of winemaker Álvaro Palacios. This wine is a true expression of Priorat's unique terroir, offering a sensorial experience that highlights the essence of this region.

Vineyards and Terroir

Les Terrasses 2021 originates on the steep slate slopes of Priorat, where the specific terroir gives the wine unique characteristics. The vines are grown at varying altitudes, providing a complexity and structure that is difficult to replicate. This distinctive terroir, combined with the region's Mediterranean climate, results in high-quality grapes that express the true essence of Priorat.

Winemaking and Winemaker

Álvaro Palacios, a globally recognized name in winemaking, is the artisan behind Les Terrasses. With a philosophy that emphasizes respect for terroir and a minimalist approach in the cellar, Palacios manages to extract the best from the grapes. The wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels, which gives it remarkable elegance and depth. Palacios' approach to winemaking reflects a harmony between tradition and innovation, resulting in wines that are both expressive and balanced.

Test results

In the glass, Les Terrasses 2021 presents an intense picota cherry color. On the nose, it reveals clean, intense and complex aromas, with fruity and floral notes, including lilacs and violets. In the mouth, the wine is graceful and harmonious, showing good depth with juicy flavors of cherry and forest fruits, balanced by refreshing acidity and soft tannins. The presence of dense tears in the glass anticipates its rich and velvety texture.

Reviews and Awards

Les Terrasses 2021 captured the attention of critics and wine enthusiasts around the world, achieving incredible scores, being rated 96 points by Robert Parker and 93 points by James Suckling. These scores reflect recognition of the exceptional quality of this wine by world-renowned wine critics. Although it is Álvaro Palacios' third wine in terms of hierarchy, it leads in sales volume, being internationally acclaimed for its excellence.


Les Terrasses 2021 by Álvaro Palacios is more than just a wine; is a celebration of Priorat's unique terroir, passion and art of winemaking. This wine not only reflects the soul of the region, but also sets a standard of excellence that inspires winemakers and wine connoisseurs alike. By choosing Les Terrasses 2021 as our Wine of the Week, we celebrate not only the exceptional quality and complexity of this wine, but also the innovation and tradition that define Priorat.

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