Avesso: A Nova Estrela dos Vinhos Verdes

Avesso: The New Star of Vinhos Verdes

Recently, producers introduced new wines to the market from a variety that has gained prominence among wine enthusiasts: Avesso.

If you don't know Avesso yet, don't worry. After all, Portugal is home to 250 native varieties of grapes and considering the importance of planting in the field for wine production in Portugal, it is possible that you have already tried the Avesso variety in blends of white verde wines from the north of the country without knowing it.

Historically, the Avesso grape was cultivated mainly in the Baião sub-region, which borders the Douro. Baião's schist and granite soils were fantastic for Avesso's bright, fruity acidity and lower alcohol levels. However, recently, producers in many other parts of the Vinho Verde region, including Amarante, Paiva and Sousa, have begun planting more Avesso grapes.

Winemakers used to use Avesso only as a blending grape to add more fresh acidity to the two most used grapes in the region, Alvarinho and Loureiro. With its lower alcohol content, Avesso was the perfect grape to keep Vinho Verde blends easy to drink.

However, since 2020, we have seen more winemakers highlighting the grape variety on their own. Avesso produces a style of wine that is currently in high demand: low alcohol content, fruity, with prominent acidity, very clean and easy to drink, making it a trendy wine to drink in the summer. However, while many associate Vinhos Verdes with summer, the aromatic complexity of Avesso can also make it an ideal white wine for winter.

If you enjoy fresh, unaged whites, you will most likely like Avesso. We have selected some suggestions for you to try:

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