Vinho da Semana: Marqués de Riscal XR 2019

Wine of the Week: Marqués de Riscal XR 2019

Dear readers, it is with great enthusiasm that we present to you Marqués de Riscal XR 2019 as the Vinogrande Blog Wine of the Week. Selected for its uniqueness and the excellence that emanates from each bottle, this wine represents not only tradition, but also innovation in Rioja's wine scene.

Vineyards and Terroir

Marqués de Riscal XR 2019 comes from the historic vineyards of Rioja, a region known for its fertile land and ideal climatic conditions that are crucial for the production of superior caliber wines. This wine is the result of a terroir that gives a unique identity to its grapes, reflected in a rare complexity and intensity.

Winemaking and Winemaker

Developed under the auspices of innovative winemaking techniques and the experienced eye of Luis Hurtado de Amézaga , this wine is a testament to the fusion between traditional and contemporary methods. The word "XR", written in chalk by the winemaker, symbolizes a special reserve that honors the ancient methods of the Bordeaux foremen, adapted in a masterful way.

XR by Marqués de Riscal is a tribute to all the cellar masters who, from Jean Pineau until now, have contributed to forging part of the best history of Spanish wine in Marqués de Riscal.

Test results

Marqués de Riscal XR 2019 reveals itself in an intense, almost opaque cherry color. On the nose, it displays rich aromas of licorice, cinnamon and black pepper, complemented by a subtle touch of evolution that promises a memorable palate experience. When tasting, its robust and balanced structure ensures a long and elegant aftertaste.

Reviews and Awards

This wine has received applause for its excellence, reflected in several highly positive reviews and awards in national and international competitions. The prestigious evaluations of 95 points by James Suckling and 94 points by José Peñin stand out, which underline the superior quality and respect that this wine commands.


Marqués de Riscal XR 2019 is, without a doubt, a sublime choice for those who appreciate wines that tell a story, both through the glass and through their legacy. We hope you enjoy the depth and passion that this wine brings to each tasting.

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