Vinho da Semana: Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Primitivo 2022

Wine of the Week: Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Primitivo 2022

This week, we are pleased to highlight Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Primitivo 2022 as our Wine of the Week at Vinogrande. This wine is a true jewel of the Vinhos Verdes region, produced by the prestigious Quinta do Regueiro, known for its dedication to quality and winemaking tradition.

Vineyards and Terroir

Regueiro Primitivo is made from the oldest vines on the farm, rooted in a unique terroir that contributes to the unique expression of this wine. Old vines give complexity and distinctive character to the grapes, resulting in wines of great depth and elegance.

Winemaking and Winemaker

Under the careful guidance of Quinta do Regueiro's winemaker, this wine goes through a meticulous vinification process, where each step is executed with precision to preserve the natural characteristics of the grapes. The result is an elegant wine, with delicate aromas and a well-balanced structure.

Test results

In the glass, Regueiro Primitivo 2022 reveals itself with captivating elegance. It presents restrained but sophisticated aromas, dominated by notes of fresh citrus fruits, such as tangerine and grapefruit, complemented by a subtle minerality. In the mouth, it displays a refreshing acidity and a silky texture that lead to a persistent and memorable finish.

Reviews and Awards

This wine has been acclaimed by both critics and the public. The Grandes Escolhas Awards distinguished Quinta do Regueiro as Producer of the Year 2019, demonstrating recognition of the exceptional quality of its wines, including Regueiro Primitivo 2022.


Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Primitivo 2022 is truly a remarkable example of the Vinhos Verdes region, which reflects Quinta do Regueiro's dedication and passion for producing excellent wines. It is a perfect choice for connoisseurs looking for a unique and authentic sensory experience. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this oenological treasure at Vinogrande and enjoy a true masterpiece of Portuguese viticulture.

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