Vinho da Semana: Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019

Wine of the Week: Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019

Dear readers of Vinogrande Blog, it is with great enthusiasm that we bring you the Wine of the Week, a meticulous selection that highlights the excellence and elegance of this wine. This week, we are honored to present the remarkable Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019.

Vineyards and Terroir

The vineyards that make up this exceptional wine are rooted in Valtuille de Abajo, a region that has long been recognized for its rich soils and favorable climate. The centuries-old vines, true witnesses of time, contribute to the unique complexity of this harvest, offering an authentic expression of the terroir. The rugged terrain and altitude of the vineyards give it a distinct minerality, highlighting the uniqueness of this wine.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The magic behind this nectar is the mastery of Raul Perez , whose vision and expertise turns grapes into bottled poetry. The winemaking process respects tradition, combining artisanal methods with careful innovation. Every detail is meticulously planned, resulting in a wine that is both a work of art and a testament to the tireless commitment to quality.

Test results

When enjoying this Castro Ventosa, we are greeted by a palette of refined aromas that evoke the essence of the region. Floral and fruity notes intertwine harmoniously, revealing layers of ripe cherries, violets and a subtle touch of spices. In the mouth, the silky texture and well-integrated tannins culminate in a long and elegant finish.

Reviews and Awards

It is no surprise that Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019 has been acclaimed by demanding critics and awarded in renowned wine competitions. Obtaining an impressive score of 98 points by Robert Parker. This attention is a tribute to the dedication to perfection that permeates each phase of its production.


As we conclude our sensorial journey with Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019, we cannot fail to highlight the exclusivity that this bottle confers. This isn't just a wine; it is an invitation to belong to a community of enthusiasts who share an appreciation for sophistication, quality and authenticity.

Ultimately, Wine of the Week isn't just a recommendation; it is an invitation to participate in an extraordinary journey through the senses. For those seeking excellence, Castro Ventosa Valtuille Cepas Centenárias 2019 is the undisputed choice. Indulge in this wine jewel, knowing that in doing so you become part of a community that truly understands and appreciates the sublime world of wine.

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