Vinho da Semana: Porto Pacheca 10 Anos Tawny

Wine of the Week: Porto Pacheca 10 Years Tawny

This week we chose to highlight Porto Pacheca 10 Years Tawny as the Wine of the Week on the Vinogrande Blog , an oenological jewel that represents the rich Portuguese winemaking tradition. This choice is not by chance; it reflects the exceptional quality and uniqueness of this wine, which can captivate both the novice palate and the most demanding of wine enthusiasts.

Vineyards and Terroir

Porto Pacheca 10 Years Tawny comes from Quinta da Pacheca, one of the best-known properties in the Douro. Located in a region of incomparable beauty and historical richness, this farm benefits from an exceptional terroir that allows it to produce Port wines of extreme quality. The vines, carefully cultivated in schist soils characteristic of the region, are the origin of the complex flavors and robust structure of this wine.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The vinification of this ten-year-old Tawny Port is a careful and meticulous process, which begins with the manual selection of the best grapes. Aging in old oak casks for a decade gives it a rare aromatic complexity, while maintaining the freshness and vivacity typical of younger wines. Under the supervision of Quinta da Pacheca's winemaker, this wine is the result of a perfect harmony between tradition and innovation.

Test results

Porto Pacheca 10 Years Tawny has a luminous amber color. On the nose, it is elegant, combining aromas of dried fruits with complex notes of chocolate, buttery caramel and fine oak wood. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, with a good acidity that provides freshness and a long and memorable finish, where nuances of menthol and nuts stand out, along with touches of caramel and chocolate.

Reviews and Awards

This wine has received international recognition, reflected in several positive reviews and awards in wine competitions. Its exceptional quality is a testament to the effort and passion dedicated to its production, making it an example worthy of prominence and appreciation.


Porto Pacheca 10 Years Tawny is a sublime expression of the best made in the Douro region. Whether for its aromatic richness, complexity of flavors or the elegance of its profile, this wine is a good choice for those looking to experience the Portuguese winemaking legacy. At Vinogrande, we are proud to present it as Wine of the Week, a selection that promises to enrich any collection or tasting moment.

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