Vinho da Semana: Finca San Martin 2020

Wine of the Week: Finca San Martin 2020

This week, we are pleased to present the featured wine at Vinogrande: Finca San Martin 2020 . A carefully selected choice that deserves special attention by lovers of quality wines.

Vineyards and Terroir

Finca San Martin 2020 is the result of the region's unique terroir, where the vines thrive under ideal soil and climate conditions. Located on privileged land, Finca San Martin's vineyards capture the essence of the environment, resulting in grapes of exceptional quality.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The magic behind this wine is the work of Finca San Martin's talented winemaker, whose passion and expertise are evident in every bottle produced. Using cutting-edge winemaking techniques and meticulous care, the winemaker transforms the selected grapes into a truly distinctive wine.

Test results

Bright cherry red in color with a middle layer and ruby ​​edge. On the nose it stands out for the freshness and intensity of the fruit with notes of wild strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. These red fruit aromas are accompanied by spices of vanilla, caramel, cedar and licorice. In the mouth it is a balanced wine, with a lively entrance and a friendly and balanced mid-palate, ending in an aftertaste where the fruity expression and balsamic notes stand out.

Reviews and Awards

It's no surprise that this wine has received high scores and international recognition. With a rating of 91 points, as highlighted in Wine Advocate, Finca San Martin 2020 is a true rising star in the world of wine.


In short, Finca San Martin 2020 is an exceptional choice as Wine of the Week at Vinogrande. Its exceptional quality, coming from a unique terroir and meticulous elaboration, makes it an unmissable experience for discerning wine lovers.

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