Espanha 2016: Um Ano Memorável

Spain 2016: A Memorable Year

The year 2016 in Spain will be remembered as one of the best of all time. It is certainly one of the most extraordinary harvests of this generation.

From the coast to the interior, favorable conditions from spring to autumn allowed Spanish producers to produce very balanced and expressive wines. Temperatures were generally moderate, ripening was slow and perfect and late rains helped the vines reach ideal conditions.

There is no doubt that it is the best vintage of the 2000s so far. Producers and winemakers, we always complain about something every year... except in 2016.

La Rioja: A Special Year

With high praise in 2001 and recognition in 2010, the 2016 harvest in La Rioja is the best in the last two decades, perhaps more. And critics confirm the same, with a large number of 2016 La Rioja wines receiving scores of 90 points or more.

This surpasses other touted vintages, even before the release of the 2016 gran reserva, which require at least five years of barrel and bottle aging. This class of wines will undoubtedly be exceptional.

The spring was rainy, with high temperatures in June. However, July was exceptionally cool. The hottest days did not exceed 24°C. This slowed the growth cycle of the grapes, and the best harvests in La Rioja, or anywhere, are those with long growth cycles.

August was hot and dry, while September brought periods of rain. Deciding on the ideal harvest dates was a difficult choice. Some rain at the end of September was useful, and ended in Haro on October 31st. In Viña Real, they started on October 5th and ended on the 25th. Contino started and ended on similar dates.

The 2016 wines have an ideal balance of acidity, body weight, aromas and persistence, as well as lower alcohol levels compared to warmer years. The result was fresher and deeper wines.

We have selected some magnificent Spanish wines from the 2016 harvest to taste:

Gratallops 2016
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Que maravilha descobrir mais sobre a excepcional colheita de 2016 na Espanha! Estou ansiosa para experimentar alguns desses vinhos incríveis. Obrigada pela seleção!

Ana Pereira

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