Vinho da Semana: Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva 2020

Wine of the Week: Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva 2020

If there is something that provides an incredible sensory experience, it is enjoying an exceptional wine. This week, at Vinogrande, we highlight Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva 2020 as Wine of the Week. A careful choice that shows the quality of this wine and our search for perfection in the world of wines.

Vineyards and Terroir

Located in the Douro Demarcated Region, the Quinta do Couquinho vineyards are enriched by the unique terroir. With schist soils and the influence of the continental climate, they produce high quality grapes, full of character. The vineyard, on generous terraces, embraces each bunch with affection, giving the wine authenticity through tradition and nature.

Winemaking and Winemakers

The merit of this wine goes beyond production, credited to winemakers Victor Rabaçal and Cristiano Assunção from Quinta do Couquinho. His dedication to the art of winemaking is evident in every drop of this extraordinary example. The careful selection of grapes, the meticulous winemaking process and aging in French oak barrels result in a balance between tradition and innovation.

Test results

When tasting Unius Reserva, we are led into sensorial harmony. With a deep tone, it reveals intense aromas of black fruits, spices and vanilla, providing an extraordinary taste experience. The silky texture caresses the palate, culminating in a long and elegant finish.

Reviews and Awards

Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva won over critics and experts, obtaining a remarkable score of 18 points from Grandes Escolhas magazine. This solidifies its place among the great Portuguese wines of the year.


When toasting with Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva, we not only enjoy a wine, but we become involved in a legacy of oenological excellence. This Wine of the Week at Vinogrande is not just a recommendation; is an invitation to join a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the extraordinary. Be part of this refined circle, allowing Quinta do Couquinho Unius Reserva to shine in your moments of delight.

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Ganhou 18 pontos da Grandes Escolhas? É pra aplaudir de pé! Quero muito provar esse Unius Reserva.


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