Vinho da Semana: The Chocolate Block 2021

Wine of the Week: The Chocolate Block 2021

Welcome to Vinogrande Blog, where each week we meticulously explore an exceptional wine that deserves to be highlighted as Wine of the Week. In this edition, we are excited to present a South African wine: 'The Chocolate Block' 2021. A choice that was not made at random, but rather a selection based on its richness, complexity and uniqueness.

Vineyards and Terroir

The terroir of the Western Cape region of South Africa is the soul behind this wine. Carefully planted vineyards at varying altitudes, soils rich in slate and granite, as well as ideal sun exposure, give this wine a unique identity. The perfect combination of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier, from ancient vineyards, results in an unparalleled expression of South African diversity.

Winemaking and Winemaker

The magic happens in the cellar under the meticulous guidance of Marc Kent, the visionary winemaker behind this wine. With an artisanal approach, Kent uses traditional methods and modern innovations to ensure each harvest reaches its full potential. Fermentation in French oak barrels, followed by careful maturation, gives The Chocolate Block a robust structure and an engaging elegance.

Test results

On the nose, exuberant notes of ripe red fruits, violets and spices transport us to a flowery field bathed in the African sun. On the palate, the complexity unfolds with layers of chocolate, juicy plums, black pepper and a subtle touch of vanilla. The silky texture and polished tannins culminate in a persistent and unforgettable finish.

Reviews and Awards

The excellence of The Chocolate Block did not go unnoticed on international stages. Receiving critical acclaim and a number of prestigious awards, this South African wine has captured hearts and palates around the world. A true ambassador of South African wine quality, standing out as an undisputed icon.


In conclusion, The Chocolate Block 2021 is not just a wine; it is a sensorial experience that encapsulates the cultural richness, terroir diversity and oenological mastery of South Africa. Its inclusion as Wine of the Week at Vinogrande is a tribute to tradition, innovation and the pleasure of enjoying truly exceptional wines.

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